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Organize your 3D files

S3D Cloud has a new project-oriented file system with intuitive navigation and archiving features. Take advantage of the automated storage manager to help you in your data and workflows.

Since S3D Cloud supports most 3D files, you can import LAS, LAZ, TXT, ASC, CSV, XYZ, PTX, PTS, PLY, e57 and S3D files.

Visualize your 3D files directly through your browser

View your scans and 3D models from the S3D Cloud web application. Do not wait for the full load of thousands of points. The display of these points is progressive and the entire rendering is fast.

Save up to 90% of time on BIM modeling

Our powerful pre-modeling algorithm detects surfaces and shapes to simplify and create a lighter version of your point cloud.

The resulting 3D vector model can be exported in IFC (BIM Ready) or DXF formats, compatible with your design software. Scan to BIM is faster.

Give yourself complete autonomy without the need for CAD software

Since the 3D viewer of S3D Cloud and without dedicated software, it is easy to take measurements directly in the point cloud or pre-3D modeling Automodel and reach any part of your cloud with the cutting plane. With these features you get full autonomy for many uses without the need for CAD software.

Export to BIM ready directly into your design software

You can export your point clouds in PLY, LAZ and XYZ formats and your 3D models in IFC and DXF formats. These formats are compatible in your various tools and software architecture, modeling and 3D design.

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  1. 3D files import
  2. Measures
  3. Section plane
  4. Unlimited Pre-models
  5. Unlimited 3D files export
  6. Mail support
  7. Phone support
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