Welcome to your S3D Cloud

S3D Cloud, the new SaaS web app designed to store, share and manage point clouds from any scanner.

Organize & share your files with all your stakeholders

A new project-oriented file system with archiving and intuitive navigation features.

Enjoy the automated storage manager to help you in your data organization and workflows.

Visualize your 3D files directly through your browser

Visualize your scans and 3D models from the S3D Cloud web application.

Our new 3D viewer includes measurement and section plane features, providing complete autonomy to users… no need for additional CAD software!

Save up to 90% of your time on BIM modeling

Our powerful pre-modeling algorithm allows to simplify and create a light version of your point cloud through surface & shape detection, saving most of your scan-to-BIM time.

Our Smart Colors feature generates realistic colors based on your raw data.

Seamlessly exchange files with any BIM design software

S3D Cloud supports most popular 3D formats among PLY, e57, XYZ, LAS, LAZ, ASC, CSV, TXT, PTX, PTS, inputs and IFC, DXF, PLY, LAS, LAZ outputs.

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Trial period

Free / 7 days

  1. 3D files import
  2. Measures
  3. Section plane
  4. 10 Pre-models
  5. 5 3D files export
  6. Mail support


€169 / month or €1690 / year

  1. 3D files import
  2. Measures
  3. Section plane
  4. Unlimited Pre-models
  5. Unlimited 3D files export
  6. Mail support
  7. Phone support
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